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We have hundreds of good turbo cores, new turbochargers, individual parts and cartridges (Center Housing Rotating Assemblies, CHRA)
If you have a special project and need a specific size wheel, let us know the dimensions you need and we'll see if we can find you a match.
We are constantly adding more parts and new part numbers to our website.
If you don't find what you need, send us an e-mail and we'll see if we have it or can find it.
Although only one may be listed, we probably have many more. Contact us.
We also have some used fuel injection pumps and injectors.

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S400 Cartridge assembly CHRA - Part number 171703 $150.00

K31 Compressor wheel - Part number 172248 $150.00

GT42 Turbine wheel and shaft - Part number $100.00

K27 Cartridge assembly CHRA - Part number $150.00

GTA55 Compressor wheel Part number 9947-3 $100.00

GTA357 CHRA Cartridge assembly for turbo part number 23531033 Series 50G Detroit Diesel ref turbo part number 731001-0004 and 731001-0007 $120.00

GT42 Compressor housing - Part number 447844-17 and Pic#2 $80.00

GTA42 Turbine housing Part number 4017-11 1.28 A/R $150.00

GTA47 Turbine housing Part number 2908-4 1.27 A/R $150.00

B3-471-1 Turbo core Part number A4710961799 $200.00

GTA4088NV Turbo core Part number 23532520 $250.00

GTA3571 core Goes to Turbo Part number 23531032 $120.00

S400 v band clamp Part number 193784 $15.00

Holset turbo core HE500VG A4730960999 V009478 H120484377 $250.00

3K TURBO CORE K16 K16-904-7 - 7199 - F1 5056533 00036 - 5316 970 7119 $100.00

S410 085 Mercedes Benz Borg Warner TURBO NEW, A0100960099 $750.00

S410 S0530 Mercedes Benz Borg Warner TURBO NEW, A0080962899 $750.00

Garrett CHRA part number 451638-0011 - Model number GT4294JNS, Goes to turbo part number 23522194 - 702015-0002 $120.00

Garrett CHRA Model GTA5523BS for turbo part number 23535352 Garrett cartridge PART NUMBER 712371-0167 $150.00

3K TURBO Model K36-424 PART NUMBER 5336 970 6021 $400.00

Zexel Mitsubishi injection pump, part number 106080-7730 Also Pic#2 $120.00

Zexel Mitsubishi 8 ea. injectors $100.00

Detroit Diesel, Garrett Airesearch T18A40 Turbine wheel and shaft 407293-0004 $110.00

Detroit Diesel, Borg Warner S400SX Turbocharger core Part number 171702 $200.00

Detroit Diesel, Garrett GTA4088BV NEW turbocharger, Part number 23535315, 750216-0003 $1600.00

Detroit Diesel, Garrett GTA4082BV NEW turbocharger, Part number 23535314, 750216-0024 $1600.00

Detroit Diesel, Borg Warner S400SX turbo turbine housing, A/R 1.32 Part number 171698 $65.00

NEW Mercedes Benz Bus Turbo, Borg Warner Model B3-471-2 Part number A4710964999 turbocharger. 2012 Freightliner $1100.00

Turbine wheel and shaft (only), used, FROM turbo model S4000 turbocharger, Detroit Diesel MTU Part Number 5260200805 $120.00

Turbine wheel and shaft (only), used, FROM Detroit Diesel MTU turbocharger, model GT4702 Part Number 702892-0001 $120.00

Compressor wheel (only), used, FROM Detroit Diesel model GTA4502V turbocharger, P/N 758160-0006 $42.00

NEW Detroit Diesel transit Bus turbo, Model GTA 4082BV turbocharger Part number 23535315, R2353225, Garrett part number 750216-0003 $1250.00

NEW Detroit diesel truck turbo Model GTA4088BV turbocharger Part number 23535318 Garrett Part number 750216-0008 $1250.00

Detroit Diesel series 60 Freightliner, turbine housing A/R 1.72 good used, for Garrett turbo model number GTA4502V $200.00

V-Band Clamp Garrett P/N 733550-00010, Turbo model# GTA 4082BV, used $15.00

Good used wastegate actuator for Detroit Diesel turbo P/N 737605-0005 $65.00

New K27.2 turbo, P/N 5327 970 0016 or 53279880016, fits 2008-12 Freightliner Mercedes truck $650.00

New Borgwarner turbocharger Model B3-AR2013 OEM p/n A0090969599 for Mercedes Benz Bus truck 2007-12 $1200.00

New Borgwarner V Band clamp P/N 196450, 4-3/8 inch. $15.00

New Mercedes Benz truck Turbo cartridge. Borgwarner model S410-058 turbo P/N A0080969199 $750.00

New Mercedes Benz freightliner turbobrake S410T cartridge for turbo # A0080967699. Cartridge P/N is 318946 $850.00

New 2005-2013 Mercedes Benz model GTB 2056VB P/N 777318-2 $900.00

New 2007-2011 Garrett Mercedes Benz freightlimer model GT2056VK P/N 761154-7 $850.00

Used Holset Cummins-Detroit diesel ISX V-band clamp #4041107 $47.00 each

Reman turbo cartridge for model# GTA 4082Bv P/N 23535314 for detroit diesel truck & transit bus, 6 month warranty $550.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4

New Bus, truck Detroit diesel, Mercedes Benz, Freightliner truck, Turbo Model B3- 471-2 P/N A 471 096 4399 $1,100.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5

New Mercedes Benz truck bus Turbo Model B3G P/N A0090968299 Turbo $1,100.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5

New Mercedes Benz Truck K16 Turbo P/N 5316 970 7133 $595.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4

Mercedes Benz, Truck Model B3G Turbo P/N A0090968299 $1,100.00
Also see pic2 pic3, pic4, pic5

Mercedes Benz Truck new Turbo K16 p/n 5316 970 7133 $595.00

Detroit diesel transit Bus, truck, New Turbo GTA3576BDLN P/N 23631033 $1,460.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4

Detroit diesel, Mercedes Benz Truck, Bus Turbo new Borgwarner. Model B 2, P/N DCA9260964799 $1,150.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4

Detroit diesel Marine Turbo, Model UTW7803 P/N 23525406 Garrett P/N 707728-0003 turbocharger -- Price for core $500.00

New Mercedes Benz bus and truck turbo, model B3G P/N A0090969799, Borg Warner turbocharger $1200.00
Also see pic2, pic3, pic4 pic4

Detroit diesel turbo CORE, Model GTA 3576BDLN, Detroit P/N 23531032, Garrett P/N 731001-0004 $300.00